Mindful March - Ocean View

Mindful March

So I’ve decided to do a monthly focus for March on mindfulness - and I’m pretty excited about it...maybe partly because 'Mindful March' just sounds so catchy! I’ve been interested in meditation and mindfulness practices as a way to reduce stress and anxiety for a few years. Meditation has proven to be a very helpful tool for calming my worry-prone brain! During March I’m going to look at ways to incorporate more mindfulness into my everyday life.

My Morning and Evening Routines

My Morning & Evening Routines

I'm a big fan of routine, especially when it comes to creating new habits. I decided to take a look at optimizing my morning and evening routines, which quickly turned into a more thorough evaluation of how I’m spending my time. I’m not sure if anyone will really find anything valuable in these mundane details of my life, but for some reason I kinda love reading about other people's routines, so here goes...!

I joined a time restricted eating study

I Joined a Time Restricted Eating Study

Have you heard of time restricted eating? I was introduced to the idea last year when I first started following the work of Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Dr. Patrick is a biomedical scientist who runs a great website and produces podcasts and videos about health, nutrition longevity and aging - so many interesting topics! One of her repeat podcast interview guests is Dr. Satchin Panda who researches circadian rhythm and the health benefits of time restricted eating. Time restricted eating is basically a form of intermittent fasting, and appears to me to be by far the easiest method to follow. When I learned about the opportunity to participate in an app-based research study I was in!