August 2018 View

August 2018 Review & Favourites

How is it back to school time already! Even though I'm not a student and don't have any kids heading back to school, September still always feels like a fresh start. It was a busy August, and I have to admit that the summer kind of passed me by this year. I sadly realized this weekend that I haven’t been swimming even once! Hopefully we'll get a few more weeks of summery weather, but I'm also a little excited for all the fall things (and Halloween - the most wonderful time of the year!). Here are a few updates and favourites from August.

Prague Bridge Views

Three Days In Prague

I went to Prague! My husband and I had a fantastic time exploring this beautiful city in May. It was everything you could ask for in a European vacation - historic architecture, stunning river views, lots of green space, great food and a ton of tourist friendly activities. It is also probably the most inexpensive city we have visited in Europe. Sounds great, right? Here’s how we spent our three days in the Czech Republic...

May Frock Box Review

Frock Box Review

As promised, I’ve put together a quick review of my experience with Frock Box clothing subscription service. This is a Canadian personal styling service very similar to what Stitch Fix offers for our friends in the US. I initially tried Frock Box last fall with poor results, but signed up for a slightly different service this time and have been loving it!