September 2018 Review & Favourites

Fall is here! I thought I wasn’t quite ready to let go of summer, but we have been enjoying some gorgeous fall days. I also have some fun warmer weather travel plans coming up in the next month, so I guess I’m not letting go of summer yet!

September Healthy Habits

Health & Fitness

Well, after a successful August on the healthy habits front, September kind of got away from me! Looking back at my bullet journal tracking for the month, I definitely did not stick to my healthy eating and workout plans….but I’m ok with that! With work travel and fighting a cold for what felt like most of the month, I definitely let things slide a little. I did manage to stick to a couple of my habits – not letting more than three days go by without some kind of exercise, meditating almost everyday and keeping up with my Duolingo spanish practice! Hoping to finally get over this cold and step up the workouts a bit in October…

Whistler Float Plane Views

Weekend in Whistler

I spent a fabulous weekend in beautiful Whistler, BC for a friend’s bachelorette party. So much fun! The weekend started with an amazing scenic flight by float plane to Green Lake, which is a short drive from Whistler village. The scenery was stunning – glaciers, snow capped peaks and turquoise lakes.

Seaplane Whistler

We ate some amazing meals at Araxi, 21 Steps and Elements, witnessed the bride-to-be open a bottle of champagne with a saber (yes, apparently that’s a thing), relaxed at the Scandinave spa and took a night-time hike through Vallea Lumina. It was such a fantastic weekend!



In an attempt to move some of my workouts outdoors, I joined a rowing club this month! I did some rowing many many years ago in high school and it really is a great full body workout. I forgot how nice it is to get out on the water! The club I joined has both single and two person boats available basically anytime at two different harbour locations. You just book your time online, get a key code to unlock the boat you want and head out on the water! The boats themselves are designed for ocean rowing, so are quite a bit sturdier than a racing shell and the dock set up makes it super easy to launch them on your own. I did an intro session with an instructor this month and I’m super excited to get out on the water in the next couple months!

Rowing Club

Halloween Planning

I love Halloween! I think my Halloween decorations outnumber my Christmas decorations by about 4 to 1. We usually throw some kind of party, but this year it’s looking like October is going to be a crazy busy month! So, while there may not be time to put together a full-fledged party, there will definitely be some festivities…and costumes …and pumpkins…and decorations…and probably a costume for the dog…

Sleepy Puppy

Anyone else slightly Halloween obsessed?

Check out my Halloween pinterest board!




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