August 2018 Review & Favourites

How is it back to school time already! Even though I’m not a student and don’t have any kids heading back to school, September still always feels like a fresh start. It was a busy August, and I have to admit that the summer kind of passed me by this year. I sadly realized this weekend that I haven’t been swimming even once! Hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks of summery weather, but I’m also a little excited for all the fall things (and Halloween – the most wonderful time of the year!). Here are a few updates and favourites from August.

Summer View

Fitness & Nutrition

It was actually my best month in a long time in terms of overall healthiness! I realized earlier this summer that my generally healthy habits had been slipping a bit, so it was time to re-evaluate! Typically my default fitness philosophy is something like:

  1. Walk a lot
  2. Aim to do some type of exercise 5 days a week
  3. Try to do yoga at least once a week
  4. Don’t let three days go by without a workout

And my default nutrition strategy is something like:

  1. Eat a ton of veggies
  2. Stay away from refined carbs and processed food
  3. Limit alcohol to weekends only
  4. Follow these rules 90% of the time (which ends up being more like an 80-20 split, in reality…)

This strategy generally works out pretty well and I don’t have too much trouble following it most of the time. But after a few too many take-out meals, multiple special occasion desserts (& drinks), and a lot of missed (or lazy) workouts…my clothes were starting to feel a little tight! It was definitely time to get back to some healthier habits.

For August I decided to get back on track by…tracking! For me, the easiest way to make a fitness and nutrition change is self tracking. I love myfitnesspal for nutrition tracking and have used it many times in the past during my various nutrition experiments. So, I committed to logging my meals for a month, as well as my workouts. I already wear a Fitbit that tracks most of my exercise and syncs up easily with the myfitnesspal app, so it was really just the food tracking that took some extra effort.

It went surprisingly well! Just noticing what I’m eating and how much I’m moving nudges my behaviour in a healthier direction. A month later, my clothes are fitting much better and my workouts are back on track. I’m not a fan of tracking food full time, but for a short term reset, it works really well for me.


While I don’t really have too many problems with falling asleep, I do tend to be a light sleeper. Even though I’ve been bringing ear plugs with me when travelling for years, it somehow didn’t occur to me to try them out at home! Turns out it has made a pretty big difference in how much I wake up during the night. I’m also a huge fan of sleeping with a light blocking eye mask. Especially since it gets light out so early here during the summer! This Alaska Bear mask is my current favourite. It’s lightweight and super comfortable.

August Roses


Yup, I’ve caught the blogging bug again, and finally put together a few posts from my trip to Europe (which was back in May). Better late than never, I guess? I’m not too concerned about anyone actually reading, but it is fun to put together the travel posts – it’s like reliving the vacation all over again! And it’s always nice to have a record of the trip to look back on. I can’t make any promises on keeping a consistent blogging schedule, but I’m really enjoying it at the moment.

Low Acidity Coffee

Did anyone know this was a thing? I’ve had a complicated, on and off relationship with coffee over the last several years. I used to be a big fan of espresso, americanos, or just a big mug of black coffee, but at some point my stomach decided otherwise and a cup of coffee in the morning would result in a vaguely nauseous feeling for several hours after. So annoying! I’ve experimented with cold brew, no coffee, tiny amounts of coffee, various teas and even bulletproof coffee, with varying levels of success. (Well, I felt fine with no coffee, but that’s no way to live!) Recently I discovered that low acidity coffee = no tummy discomfort, so it is pretty much my new favourite thing!

Circus Fitness

Ok, I may have lied about the coffee being my new favourite thing because it is definitely this…Aerial Hoop! No idea what I’m talking about? Well, it is basically a fitness class involving various acrobatics and feats of strength/flexibility using a metal hoop suspended from the ceiling! Or just a lot of flailing around awkwardly in the hoop and getting horribly bruised, while imagining that you look just like Cirque du Soleil. So much fun! I’m fully obsessed with all things aerial now. If you’re curious, check out my new Pinterest board devoted to my future circus career…Aerial Hoop Class

The Ordinary Skincare

I recently decided that I should probably have some kind of grown up skin care regime…but I didn’t want it to be complicated or expensive. Ha! I somewhat naively dove into researching online and was quickly overwhelmed by the conflicting reviews, YouTube how-to’s, ten step night time routines and $300 products. So when I randomly read something about The Ordinary, it definitely seemed like a good place to start. The brand gets some pretty great reviews and it is shockingly affordable. I’m currently using the hyaluronic acid and granactive retinoid in squalane. So far so good!

That’s all for now. Happy September!

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