Three Days In Prague

I went to Prague! My husband and I had a fantastic time exploring this beautiful city in May. It was everything you could ask for in a European vacation – historic architecture, stunning river views, lots of green space, great food and a ton of tourist friendly activities. It is also probably the most inexpensive city we have visited in Europe. Sounds great, right? Here’s how we spent our three days in the Czech Republic…

Prague Rooftop View

Getting There

We flew from Canada to Prague via Frankfurt, leaving on a Thursday morning and arriving late Friday morning, local time. The flight timing wasn’t great for getting any sleep on the plane (not that I can ever really sleep on planes…) but I caught up on movies and managed to do some meditating. We splurged a little and paid for some extra legroom on the longest flight of the journey which was well worth it!

Since we knew we would be tired, and just generally out-of-it after the long flight, we arranged for a private driver from the airport. Everything went smoothly and we arrived at our Airbnb feeling pretty good and excited to explore…

Prague Castle


We stayed in this great Airbnb apartment located in old town Prague. The apartment was part of a historical building only steps from the famous Charles bridge. The interior had wood floors and high ceilings with a roomy kitchen, bathroom (with a giant tub!), comfy living room and bedroom with some historic murals on the ceiling. You can check it out here. The host was helpful and we were within walking distance of basically everything we wanted to see!

Prague River View


Prague has a ton of restaurants and some great patios. We fit in a good amount of eating and drinking during our short stay. A few of the highlights…

Pork & Dumplings

For our first meal in Prague we ventured a bit outside the tourist area to a pub-style spot for some traditional Czech food. We ended up sampling some goulash, dumplings, sauerkraut and pork fried in a potato pancake crust. Not exactly light fare, but pretty much exactly what we were looking for after our long travel day.

Chimney Cake (Trdelnik)

Unless you are one of those people who legitimately don’t enjoy sweets (my husband, for example…) you will probably want to try one of these iconic treats during a visit to Prague. There are stands selling these doughnut-like goodies throughout the tourist area and they come filled with ice cream, apples and a number of other options! I couldn’t resist…

Prague Market & Chimney Cake

Náplavka Farmers Market

We spent a great morning wandering through the farmer’s market located along the river. There was live music and a ton of delightful food options – sausages, pastries, duck dumplings, pulled pork, and even champagne & oysters! We started off with coffee, sampled a couple bites to eat and left with a cider in hand. Next stop…

Asia Food Fest

In between bites of food and tasty sips at the farmer’s market, we noticed another sea of tents set up on the other side of the river and decided to wander over and check it out. It turned out to be an Asian food festival! Luckily we were still hungry enough to sample the beef bao burgers and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine. The place was packed and had a wide range of Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian and Indian food stands.

Czech Beer Festival

Yup another festival! We were really on a roll at this point and continued our eating and drinking extravaganza at the beer festival. It was located in Letna park, a large green space right across the bridge from old town. The beer festival is a relatively small event (well, compared to our previous adventures at Oktoberfest in Munich!) and was actually a little tricky to find, but we made it.

Prague Beer Festival

They have a great cashless system inside the festival. The staff mark down what you ate and drank on your ticket, and then you simply pay on the way out. There is a large fine if you happen to lose your ticket though! The setup offered plenty of shade inside the tented areas and a sunny open courtyard in the middle filled with picnic tables and live music. We sampled a few delicious beers (over 200 on offer!) including one recipe from the 1300’s. And of course there was lots of drinking appropriate food to try – sausages, pork knuckle and some delicious olives, cheese and pickles. We even met some fellow Canadians!

Prague Sightseeing

Sight Seeing

We walked everywhere, had great weather and explored most of old town, Letna park and the area around Prague castle. The whole area is just incredibly picturesque and you really can’t take a bad photo! We didn’t end up doing any organized tours, but the husband did climb up the tower at Prague Castle for some spectacular views (heights aren’t really my thing…). The Charles Bridge at night is also a must do. It’s like walking back in time! Next time I would definitely spend an hour on one of the peddle boats for rent on the river. It looked like so much fun, but we were too busy eating and drinking to fit it in…

Beer Spa

One touristy activity that was on our bucket list for Prague was a visit to the beer spa! It was just as ridiculous and fun as it sounds. There are a few beer spa options in Prague, but we went with this one and were able to book our appointment online several weeks ahead.

Prague Beer Spa

It was actually not as cheesy as I expected, and the staff were very professional! It did feel kind of like a spa, just a slightly over-the-top beer themed spa. Our treatment room was a brick walled cave-like room with hop-motif stained glass. There were two wooden soaking tubs with beer taps in between, a large bed of straw (umm???), a wardrobe to hang clothes and a separate washroom with shower. The staff gave a quick demo of the ingredients mixed into the tubs, then they set a timer for an hour, turned on the tub jets and left us to the soaking and drinking! There were various sizes of mugs provided, some beer bread to snack on and both dark and light beer on tap. The whole experience was pretty hilarious! We left feeling a little tipsy and very relaxed.

Prague City View

Overall Prague was amazing and I would love to go back!

Any favourite things to do in Prague? Would you try a beer spa?

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  1. seraphsun

    Prague is the most beautiful place I have ever been. I love it so much. You should check out Cesky Krumlov the next time you are In Czech too! It’s simply a town out of a fairytale!

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