Frock Box Review

As promised, I’ve put together a quick review of my experience with Frock Box clothing subscription service. This is a Canadian personal styling service very similar to what Stitch Fix offers for our friends in the US. I initially tried Frock Box last fall with poor results, but signed up for a slightly different service this time and have been loving it!

How does it work?

There are a few different services offered, and decided to try the option with the most flexibility. The online sign-up is quick and easy and includes some questions about your personal style and what type of items you are looking for. You pay a fixed styling fee each month and are sent a delivery of five clothing items. It is kinda awesome to get a surprise delivery in the mail every month!

Each item is marked with a price and you have five days to try it all on and decide if you would like to purchase any of the items. It is super easy to send back the returns, and they provide a feedback form to fill out with any comments for your stylist – did you love the items, hate them, etc. You are charged for any items that you keep, with the styling fee deducted from your total. They also have a

How much does it cost?

The styling fee is $24.95 a month and includes shipping and returns. You can specify a preference for the price range of items you would like included – anywhere from $35 to $100+. I’ve opted for a mix of inexpensive and higher priced items. If you do decide to keep any items, the $25 is deducted from the purchase price. In the event that you keep the entire box, you also get an additional 25% off the total!

What do you get?

So without further ado, here’s what I received in my May box (although it’s actually a resealable bag that arrives in the mail, not a box…)

Striped Top

Frock Box Striped Top

Frock Box Striped Top

This top was ok, and felt like really nice quality with super soft comfy fabric. The fit was fine, but not super flattering on me. I thought the price of $60 was too high for an item that I wasn’t super excited about. Verdict: Returned

Wrap Dress

Frock Box Wrap Dress

When I took this out of the bag it looked like a weird shape and I was a little confused about how to wear it. I ended up looking for a photo online, haha! It turned out to be a great dress. To be honest I don’t wear dresses much in my everyday life, but I decided to keep this and will hopefully find some weekend occasions to wear it this summer. It is also quite different from anything I own. Verdict: Keep!

Striped Dress

Frock Box Striped Dress

Frock Box Striped Dress

I’m a fan of stripes and liked the fabric of this casual dress. Unfortunately, the style was just not my thing. It was a little too short and kind of just looked like a sack on me – not super flattering. And as mentioned, I don’t currently wear dresses very often. Verdict: Returned

Striped Hoodie

Frock Box Hoodie

I knew I was keeping this as soon as I pulled it out of the bag! The fabric is super cosy and I love the pattern and style. I tend to always buy zip up hoodies so this is a bit different for me. It will be perfect for chilly nights at the summer cabin. Verdict: Keep!

Grey Jeans

Frock Box Grey Jeans

I was pretty sure I’d like these as soon as I saw them too. They are actually a brand I currently own and a colour I probably wouldn’t have picked out myself. I also recently had to say farewell to my favourite jeans after an unfortunate giant rip, so could use another pair. Verdict: Keep!

May Frock Box Review

Overall this was a huge success and I’m pretty thrilled with my purchases. I made a point of trying to give some feedback on my returns last month and it really seems to have made a difference.

Have you tried a clothing subscription service? Any other favourite subscription boxes?

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