March 2018 Review & Favourites

Well, I’m a little late on the March review post. Time has been flying and I’ve been guilty of some serious blog neglect. While it would be nice to stick to a consistent posting schedule, I’m determined to have this blog remain a fun hobby, so I’m not going to stress out about it! From past blogging experience I know that I lose interest when it starts to feel like a job.

Wellness Goals

Mindful March: I started out the month full of enthusiasm for my mindfulness challenge, and overall it went quite well! I did manage to meet most of my goals for mindful movement, meals and meditation.

Exercise: I continued with yoga classes and at-home Insanity workouts. I’m still loving aerial yoga! I also got in a few gym workouts which was a nice change. For my mindful movement challenge I succeeded in mindful walking on my commute an average of three times a week, and also managed to get in at least two yoga sessions a week – success!

Nutrition: It felt like I was all over the board with my eating in March. My focus on mindful eating started out strong, but it was hard to stick to! I did manage to meet my goal for mindful meals and I’m going to keep trying to practice these regularly. I have to admit that there were definitely some meals in front of screens, some overeating and a few pretty unhealthy choices. I went on my first work trip in a long time and always struggle to stick to healthy meals during travel.  I’m also still tracking my meal timing for the time-restricted eating study. This has been challenging and eye opening. Turns out I am not great at resisting popcorn in the evenings…

Meditation: My daily meditation practice started out well, although I did miss a few days while I was away for work. I tried out twelve new guided meditations and found some great new options. I’ll definitely be continuing to try out different styles of meditation. My ideal is still to do a 20 minute session every day which is proving quite challenging to stick to…


Weekend Gym Sessions: At the end of February I got a punch card membership to use the fitness center at one of the hotels only a few minutes walk from home. It has a decent little gym, pool and hot tub which are usually pretty empty! Husband and I have started a delightful weekend routine of heading over there for a workout, dip in the pool and hot tub.

Vacation Planning! This is one of my favourite things ever – I love travel and trip planning and feel incredibly lucky to be able to travel. We are planning to visit Prague, Vienna and Budapest on vacation this year. Flights are booked, but we haven’t figured out all the details yet. I’m looking forward to learning more about these cities!

Frock Box: Shopping is not my favourite, especially for clothes…so mostly I just don’t bother shopping and then end up with nothing to wear. It’s not the best system. Over the years I’ve read several reviews for Stitch Fix and love the idea of someone picking out clothes for me and sending them straight to my door! Unfortunately Stitch Fix doesn’t deliver to Canada.

After some online research last fall, I found a Canadian version called Frock Box and signed up for their one outfit box. It was a total fail! I received two shipments before cancelling and they were completely not my style. I didn’t end up wearing any of it…

After a week of ‘nothing to wear’ early in March, I looked into some online options again. I came across a few Frock Box reviews that appeared to include some items that I would actually wear. I decided to give it another try, this time with their ‘favourites’ box. With this option, they send you 5 items for a styling fee of $25. Each item is individually priced, so you can pick what you want to keep. The styling fee is deducted from any purchases. Shipping back your returns is prepaid and super easy. I got my first delivery this week and ended up keeping one item – a success!


  • Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope: Getting back into a regular yoga practice has led to some interest in the history and philosophy of yoga. I had a look at a few yoga teacher training reading lists and this book was on several. It was an easy, fairly entertaining read and an interesting look at the author’s journey into the world of yoga.
  • The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung with Jimmy Moore: This was a fascinating book and full of practical tips for trying out fasting for health. Highly recommended. 

Any tips for sticking to habits during work travel? Any vacation tips for Prague, Vienna or Budapest?



2 thoughts on “March 2018 Review & Favourites

  1. Hi there, thanks a million – great post! You’re so right not to stress out about your schedule – blogging needs to still be fun! I read the Dr. Jason Fung book a few months ago and loved it – it made a lot of sense to me. Lxxx

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