February 2018 Review & Favourites

Hello March! I guess that means it’s time for my monthly review, even though it honestly feels like I was just writing my January review…time for an update on my goals and favourite things from February.

February Amaryllis

Wellness Goals

Exercise: Well, it started out as a pretty good month for workouts. I continued with the Insanity Max 30 and have been loving the intensity of these workouts and the minimal time commitment! I also made it to a decent number of yoga classes, but struggled with fitting in my chin-up practice once again. Chin-ups are just really hard and I kinda hate doing them! But I do really want to be able to do more than one…ugh.

February At Home Yoga

I’ve also been working on improving my flexibility in the (possibly far fetched) hope of regaining some of the gymnastics skills from my youth. It would be awesome to master the splits, hold a handstand and maybe even do a walkover.

It was my birthday this month, which resulted in some pretty predictable (and totally worth it) slacking on the workouts and healthiness in general…

Nutrition: I’ve stuck to using the My Circadian Clock app to document my time restricted eating. To be honest, it has been tougher than expected to stick to the fasting schedule. I have found myself pretty hungry in the mornings and counting down the minutes to my first coffee or tea. I’ve been eating more carbs than normal, including some pretty unhealthy choices, so we’ll see if cleaning up my food choices a bit helps with the time restricted eating schedule.

Meditation: I did pretty well with meditating almost every day and often twice a day, but I’m still struggling to fit in those longer sessions. It definitely works better for me to do longer sessions in the morning.

Favourite Things

Learning Spanish: I’ve been working on learning some basic Spanish with the Duolingo app – I’m currently on a 68 day streak and at 60% fluency, which apparently is as high as it goes. I definitely don’t feel at all fluent in speaking or really in constructing anything but the most basic sentences, but I have learned a ton of vocabulary and my reading comprehension is getting decent. And it’s fun! It’s probably time to try something new to step up my learning…any suggestions?

February Birthday Breakfast

Birthday Celebrations: I was completely spoiled with thoughtful gifts, great company, delicious meals, cocktails and surprise tickets to…

My First Opera!  I’ve been to a few musicals, but had never been to an opera before. I figured it was the kind of thing you should see at least once! We happen to live only a few blocks away from the theatre and had been meaning to go to see something there since we moved in over a year ago. As it turned out, La Boheme was scheduled for the weekend of my birthday.

I had close to zero expectations about what an opera would be like and I was pleasantly surprised. We did make a point of reading the storyline before the show, so we would have some idea what was going on. It was surprisingly entertaining, funny and totally accessible, even to someone with no background in anything remotely related (like umm music, history, the arts in general…). And it’s always fun to dress up a bit, try something new and have a couple glasses of champagne!

Aerial Yoga: I made it to a new yoga class – aerial yoga! Google it if you have no idea what I’m talking about. This style of yoga is so much fun and some of the poses are quite impressive (those aren’t the ones I’m doing…yet!). I went to a few classes several years ago, but then my schedule changed and I couldn’t fit it in, so I was excited to find a studio offering classes within walking distance of home! I loved gymnastics growing up, so aerial yoga is a perfect mix of yoga and acrobatics that really challenges my flexibility and strength. I’m seriously trying to figure out how I could rig up an aerial setup at home….

Earthquake Kit: This has been on my to do list forever – literally years. I was reminded about it recently when my employer decided to provide everyone on site with a personal survival kit to keep at their desk. We also had a local tsunami warning scare earlier this year…

So I ended up ordering an emergency kit online, which includes enough food and water for two people for 72 hours in a waterproof backpack. It also has a bunch of additional survival supplies including an emergency shelter, first aid kit, space blankets, rope, duct tape, water purification tablets, and a hand crank operated radio/flashlight/phone charger. I definitely could have put something similar together myself at probably a fraction of the cost, but given how long I had already put this off…well, it was easier to just order it!


  • Head Strong by Dave Asprey:  This was definitely an interesting read by the guy who made bulletproof coffee famous, but some of the ideas are pretty out there. Don’t think I’ll be standing naked in front of a bank of red LEDs hoping to supercharge my mitochondria anytime soon…
  • Altruism by Matthieu Ricard:  This is a hefty book and unfortunately I only got a little ways into it before it was due back at the library (love using my local library!). I will definitely be picking it back up in the future, very insightful and inspiring.
  • The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson:  Some fiction in the mix this month – surprised? I do read a lot of non-fiction, but I often have a novel on the go too…and somehow I got totally hooked on this epic fantasy series. It is a giant time commitment and I’ve been reading them off and on for several years. Seriously, each book is massive and there are 14 total. You’ve been warned.

How was your February? Cross anything off your to-do list?

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